Here Are the 5 Financial Advice You Need to Know!


Financial advice is important to know as an effort to prevent gloomy financial conditions if you are not careful!

Young age is indeed one of the most memorable moments in life. At a young age, you have complete freedom in life including financial matters, especially if you have your own income. But with all that freedom, there are financial consequences that you must bear if at a young age of rah-rah. That’s why you need to know the following 5 financial advice that will help you save enough money.

1. Don’t lose your money

1. Don


This first rule means that you must avoid all kinds of losses, including getting items of high value. You are said to have lost money when you bought goods at a price that is not worth the value you get. It would be better if you get a good item with a cheaper value.

2. Do Savings Habits

2. Do Savings Habits

The biggest mistake of bad finance is not building a habit of saving. Make saving as a habit. Therefore, start the habit as early as possible. Set aside money to save at the beginning after you receive a salary, not save from the rest of your expenses.

3. Invest in yourself


The best investment is to invest in yourself. Continue to make improvements that can make you grow and advance. Investment in yourself will never lose if later on from that investment you can better see opportunities and take the opportunity to earn more.

4. Get Rid of Debt

4. Get Rid of Debt

If you have debts or unpaid bills, make sure to pay them off before buying other items outside your needs. Paying debt is a top priority because it can free you quickly from financial burdens.

5. Setting a Budget


5. Setting a Budget


Financial freedom starts from discipline in managing finance. One way is to set a budget. The budget for spending, electricity, gas, and various installments must be set aside. Instead, you do not make too much expenditure for monthly needs, a maximum of 70 percent of income.

That’s the 5 financial advice you need to know in managing money. If you achieve discipline and consistency in applying the 5 suggestions above, then it means that you have successfully passed the challenge of security. Because after all, managing your own finances does seem more complicated, especially if it is flooded with discounted months. The desire to buy things often arises, and sometimes makes finance sag in the middle of the month. But this can be overcome with a cash loan from Cashwagon . Simply fill in the application with a KTP number, you can get cash up to IDR 5 million.


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