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Students believe returning to UNR campus gives them “a real university experience”


RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – It’s back to school for students at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Starting Monday, for the first time since the pandemic struck, in-person learning will be the norm. It gives students the feeling that they are having what they call the “real college experience” again.

“It’s very nostalgic for the days before the pandemic,” said Jordyn Griffin, head of UNR.

Michael Karo, another senior at UNR, says his return to campus gives him a social boost.

“It’s a lot more fun than being stuck in your apartment or at home living with your parents,” he said of the in-person learning.

One big transition that most students will need to make this year is to re-acclimatize to the classroom. For Karo and Griffin, commitment is essential.

“There is a big difference between learning online and being in person,” Karo said. “I can ask questions a lot easier than speaking through Zoom.”

“It’s just a different vibe when you’re on campus as opposed to online,” Griffin added. “It’s more like you’re involved in school.”

The school’s involvement could come down to how UNR is navigating through the pandemic.

The latest COVID data from the university as of August 13 shows that eight students and no faculty members have tested positive for the virus. At that time, last year, the cases were at zero.

Last Friday, the state health council voted to require vaccination against COVID-19 for students enrolled in public colleges and universities for the next spring semester. The deadline to be fully immunized is November 1. Without proof of full vaccination, students may not be able to register for classes.

“I’m not surprised that the UNR is (requiring vaccinations),” Griffin said. “It’s a necessary step if we’re going to stay on campus and have in-person classes. “

Currently, the UNR requires everyone entering an academic institution to wear a mask, regardless of their immunization status.

Griffin hopes people will follow these guidelines so that everyone can enjoy what UNR has to offer.

“If they keep the gym open and the restaurants open, then all we pay is (actually got),” she said. “I think it’s great that we can use the equipment again.

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