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Sunrun Launches Innovative Education Program to Improve Skills


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sunrun (Nasdaq: RUN), the nation’s leading provider of solar power, battery storage and power services, today launched PowerU, a new program entirely Funded employee training and development designed to train and develop its workforce for the rapidly growing clean energy industry.

With PowerU, Sunrun will nurture the next generation of green careers and professionals. The solar industry is currently on a path to achieve 400,000 jobs by 2030, but more than 900,000 skilled workers will be needed to meet President Joe Biden’s 2035 clean energy goal. US Department of Labor Office of Labor Statistics predicted the solar installer will be America’s third fastest growing job over the next decade.

Sunrun has partnered with Guild Education, the leading education and development platform, to help meet this demand and connect employees to advancement opportunities by providing access to over 150 fully funded and flexible education and development programs. These programs include: bachelor’s and master’s degrees in areas such as sustainability management, electrical engineering, information technology and environmental sciences; professional development and graduate certificates in areas such as sales leadership, solar installation, supply chain management and data science; English lesson; secondary school leaving course; and an employer-sponsored electrical apprenticeship program, the first of its kind.

The Custom Electrician Apprenticeship Program was designed to provide employees with a clear career path to becoming certified electricians – a designation often required for solar and home battery installers. The program builds on Sunrun’s current commitment to accelerate talent acquisition and strengthen workforce development to meet growing industry demand and build a strong workforce. and diverse.

“Sunrun’s new PowerU benefits program aims to build stable careers and prosperous futures for thousands of Sunrunners,” said Sejal Patel Daswani, director of human resources at Sunrun. “By launching PowerU and expanding the development of the solar workforce, Sunrun’s PowerU will proudly lead the industry in meeting the ever-increasing demand for skilled clean energy professionals.

PowerU strengthens Sunrun’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and strengthens investment in communities that are traditionally under-represented in the industry’s workforce. Sunrun has set a goal of achieving gender and racial parity in leadership and leadership positions by 2025. PowerU is designed to remove barriers and increase access to opportunities, which will allow the attraction and retention of talent, as well as the professional mobility of employees. With PowerU, Sunrun will uniquely provide the opportunity to train, work and grow in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

From day one of employment, all regular full-time and part-time Sunrun employees are eligible and will have access to a comprehensive support system, including a team of certified instructional and professional coaches who can assist employees in set goals, select programs, balance responsibilities and assess career paths.

“Our country is in a war for talent, a war where we have to fill jobs today and build towards the careers of tomorrow. We are excited to partner with Sunrun, an innovative and forward-thinking company, to create a program that will attract talent and attract more people to green careers. At the same time, it will prepare Sunrun and Sunrunners for the future, ”said Rachel Carlson, CEO and co-founder of Guild Education.

PowerU will offer career programs through training providers including Brandman University, Colorado State University College of Business, eCornell, Johnson & Wales University, Oregon State University, Penn Foster, University of Arizona, Voxy EnGen, Wilmington University and others . The Electrician Apprenticeship Program was designed in collaboration with Penn Foster and Guild.

About Sunrun

Sunrun Inc. (Nasdaq: RUN) is the nation’s leading solar energy, battery storage and energy services company. Founded in 2007, Sunrun pioneered solar home service plans to make local clean energy more accessible to everyone with little or no upfront cost. Sunrun’s innovative home battery solution brings affordable, resilient and reliable power to families. The company can also manage and share solar energy stored from batteries to provide benefits to households, utilities and the electricity grid while reducing our dependence on polluting energy sources. For more information, please visit www.sunrun.com.

About guild education

Guild Education is on a mission to unlock opportunities for the American workforce through education and development. Certified B-Corp, founded to bridge the education and employment gap for the 88 million working adults in the United States who need development for the future of work, Guild is a platform for education that values ​​workers and prepares companies for the future. Guild’s cutting-edge technology platform enables the nation’s largest employers, including Chipotle, Target, Walmart, and The Walt Disney Company, to deliver strategic training and skills upgrades to their employees. Guild connects them to a learning marketplace of the country’s top universities and learning providers, as well as technical skills certificates – with tuition paid by the company. Guild’s Payment and Technology Platform, Organized Learning Marketplace and Advanced Education and Career Coaching come together to help working adult learners advance in their education and careers, debt-free. For more information visit www.guildeducation.com.

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