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University of the Highlands and Islands climate change scientist Dr Gary Campbell becomes professor


Environmental scientist Gary Campbell, who has used his expertise to track the impact of climate change, received a professorship from the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Professor Campbell becomes Professor of Learning and Teaching Strategy in recognition of his leadership skills and contribution to education as well as his role in developing the region’s economy.

His appointment will be followed by a free online public lecture next month.

Professor Campbell first joined the University of the Highlands and Islands as a lecturer at Inverness College UHI in 1999, returning to teach at Moray College UHI before becoming Dean of the Faculty in 2010. He was appointed Deputy Director (strategic developments) in 2019 and has led several strategic projects in learning and teaching, including the curriculum for the 21st Century Project which has supported graduation and underpins the delivery of the network.

Professor Campbell said: “Almost everything I have done has been part of a team effort, but it is a great honor to receive this in recognition of the role I have played in our achievements. To get it in our tenth year as a college is fantastic.

“Our institution is rooted in the communities in which we operate, and it has a special role to play in ensuring that everyone has access to education and training at all levels, to acquire skills for them. today’s employment needs and the opportunities of the new generation that will transform our regional economy and ensure its recovery. ”

In 2013, Professor Campbell established the University’s Pedagogical Development Unit and Learning and Teaching Academy to assist academic staff in their continued development.

Professor Todd Walker, Director and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Highlands and Islands, said: “Professor Campbell plays a vital role in creating the strong strategic relationships upon which Chapter 3 of our University is based and he has ensured so that our partnership can be more academic. meeting the needs of businesses and communities in the region.

“This professorship is the highest level of academic achievement that can be awarded and reflects the transformational impact it has had on our region’s prospects and proud future.”

Professor Campbell will be giving a free online public seminar on Tuesday, September 21 at 4:00 p.m., to present his inaugural faculty conference.

Entitled On my planet…, it will focus on the use of strategies within the framework of adult education.

For more information and to book, visit www.uhi.ac.uk/en/media/events

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